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   Discussion: Trusting God amid hard times.
Admin · 15 years ago

Nothing should swerve your trust in God about His plans for your life. No matter what you face, trust God to keep His word concerning you because He can not and will never change. He knows all things and controls all things. All things exist for and in Him and evolve around His will. In hard times, economic, social, legal, health, or what have you? Simply trust God. No difficulty is greater than God. So regardless of your station, hold God to His word and believe that He will accomplish His plans concerning you. It may tarry, still trust Him, His thoughts of you are good and not evil. Sometimes your feelings and circumstances may suggest that God does not care. Yes! He cares. What loving and able parent will deliberately looks way from his child's dire needs? God is able and too resourceful to fail you.  God esteems His word above all else, so prayerfully, positively and verbally hold Him to His word and believe He will do what He says He will.

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